Ban Phe

by sarahthevagabond

Ban Phe, Rayong. A small fishing town surrounded by beach, 3 hours East of Bangkok. Mostly a stopover for tourists who are off to spend their holiday on Koh Samet, a 40 minute ferry ride from the mainland.

We stayed here for a month and this was where we completed our TEFL course. Our first experience somewhere a little less touristy. Basically, we HAD to learn some of the language to get by. Not a lot to do though, so weekends consisted of catching the boat to Koh Samet, a nearby island, or hiring a motorbike and exploring the forests surrounding the beach. If you wanted some western food or to do some shopping, you would have to catch a Songteaw (a large truck with an open carrier to hold people) to Rayong for about 30 baht. Most nights everything closed early, but the main pub/bar would stay open, and older farangs (foreigners) would sit around drinking, shouting at whatever sport was playing on the TV. You wouldn’t want to wonder off much further than the central area though, because unlike back home where dogs are pets, here they’re mostly stray, and travel in packs at night. Very scary!!