Koh Phangan

by sarahthevagabond

This island, well known for its Full Moon Party, is situated in Southern Thailand, a 40 minute boat ride from Koh Samui, and 1 hour by boat to Koh Tao. One side of the island is dedicated to extreme partying, and the other, to deep relaxation and searching internally for one’s true self. The island is surrounded by pristine beaches, and some of them are absolute diamonds.

Day one, we arrive hot and bothered, carrying heavy bags which a small Thai woman effortlessly hauls on top of the pick up truck which will take us to our accommodation. I was completely oblivious at this time about the crazy hills and speed at which the drivers go over these hills – nightmare! I was gripping the rails needless to say. Anyway, after an extremely scary trip to the other side of the island, we arrive at a reggae bar and are escorted to our hilltop cabin which overlooks a beautiful beach. We went for a sunset swim, to wind down after traveling all day.

First impression of Koh Phangan – I felt as though I would really fit in here, with all the vegetarian restaurants, reggae bars, hippy trinket shops and laid back life.. Not to mention the beaches!