Monk School

by sarahthevagabond

For one on one teaching, we were taken to a monk school and were given our own monk to teach an English lesson over two days. Before we left, we were given the run down on rules regarding the monks. We were all told not to come into an type of physical contact with them, and females could not pass anything directly to them, (for example: a pen had to be put down on the table, so that they could pick it up).
We had to dress very conservatively, nothing above the knee, chest covered, and shoulders covered.
Regarding the experience of teaching my monk, Chatchai – I was surprised to find that he knew a fair amount of English, which made things easier for me – I was quite nervous that he wouldn’t understand anything I said to him. He was sweet and respectful, and told me that he lived with his grandmother so he could learn at this monk school, and his family lived in Bangkok.
His days consisted of meditation, school, helping his grandmother cook, and on the weekends seeing his friends. Not too different to our own childhood! I personally think all kids should meditate. The world would be a better place, after my experience with such a lovely boy!