by sarahthevagabond

Back in Bangkok, we stayed at a cute hotel while we waited to go down to Koh Phangan. Unfortunately, this transition from becoming an English teacher to a yogi consisted of me in bed with my first Thai belly, and Tristan looking after my needs. This was when the floods had devastated Thailand, and they were bound to come through to Bangkok the week that we were there.
Our hearts go out to all of the flood victims.
It was nice to see how everyone was working together to make sure that no one got hurt, although people were preparing for the floods as though it were the apocalypse, and nothing was available anywhere including water and packaged food.

By this time we had learned enough Thai to get by, and we’re constantly trying to learn more! It’s amazing how much your brain yearns for knowledge once you get it going.
Thai culture has grown on me. When I take some time to myself and just sit back and watch their lives, it’s so refreshing how much family and the community matters to them, how much a smile matters. This is so important in any society! I feel as though Western society should learn something from this. They don’t like confrontation, so you won’t experience road rage here. Not even in Bangkok. I’m beginning to become frustrated with the stares though. If you are outside of an area that constantly sees foreigners, be prepared for the stare. The only thing that keeps things in perspective for me, is that they are just curious! With a little smile, you will find that they will always smile back.

So, it’s off to Koh Phangan – notoriously known for it’s ‘Full Moon Party’ – for 4 weeks, working on our mind and body in order to feel a little closer to the love of the universe.