Health on the Road

by sarahthevagabond

When we began traveling, health was not one of the top things on my list of importance in general. But, since I had that stomach bug, it flooded my immune system and the sturdy gates to my overall health pretty much deteriorated and left my system open to basically whatever wanted to come in.

Doing this course in yoga also raised my awareness in how high health should be on your list of importance. Now, some of you may be thinking that what I’m saying is just silly because health is important to you anyway, so this doesn’t apply to you! This might be very useful for first time travelers out there though.

So; in order to keep your health at it’s best, here are some pointers:

Eat right! (meaning probably stick to vegetarian food and a little meat here and there) – but don’t completely stop eating meat, and if you do and you start to feel lethargic or run down, get some iron into you!! Make sure to eat food that is cooked just before you eat it!

Keep hydrated! Especially in warmer climates. This is especially important. You will find that drinking lots of water will generally make you feel good, awake and will aid digestion.

Keep up with exercise! Try to walk to places when the option is reasonable, have a jog here and there, join a cycling group etc; but always remember to not over-do it either!

Don’t go overboard on the alcohol! Bingeing every night – or even all weekend – will kill your immune system and you will gain weight with over consumption, your body doesn’t like it! (hence the nasty hangovers the next day).. If you’re drinking a lot, remember to take it easy so your body can recuperate.

Get at least 7.5 hours of sleep per night! Its amazing how little you consider that your sleep is keeping you healthy, but once you have one big weekend, and only sleep for 8 hours over 3 nights, you will notice your immune system is pretty shot, especially after all that alcohol.. Sleep is important!

Get at least 15 minutes of sun exposure per day. Another thing you wouldn’t think effected your overall health, but deficiency in vitamin D can cause lots of pesky little health problems, and can lengthen healing time when you’re sick. So if you’ve got a cold, get yourself in the sun! I have no doubt it will fasten the healing process!

– Take vitamin C daily (1000mg) to ward off anything trying to attack your system.
– Invest in some protein powder for breakfast on the go if you’re not eating meat.
– Make your own tiny travel first aid kit. Trust me, you might say you’ll deal with it when it comes up, but if you’re alone and have no way of accessing civilization, a first aid kit will help a lot in times of trouble.

Of course, you can do whatever you like while traveling – but through my experience, it will come back to bite you on the backside, which will leave you out of action for goodness knows how long (especially important on a short trip when time is of essence) and even if you have travel insurance, hospitals and doctors are expensive and do add up, and most of the time you will have to wait until you get home for the money spent on medical bills back.

My general recommendation for simple things that you really don’t need to see a doctor about: look up natural home remedies on the net! They will help you twofold money and health wise, as you are now not putting any unnecessary chemicals in your body which will shoot your immune system down in one area even though it’s helping another!