Self Transformation

by sarahthevagabond

Cannot even begin to explain how mind opening my month of yoga was.

I basically threw all of my preconceived ideas about how to live my life down the drain, and picked up much healthier habits for my mind, body and spirituality.

Just to start with: I learned that using Yogic Homeopathic/Ayurvedic healing – you can beat cancer with a proven success rate of 85%, as opposed to chemotherapy – which has a measly average of 2% success rate. How amazing! Now, before you ask why no one in the Western world knows about this, just remember that the pharmaceutical industry in the West is not going to recommend anything that is natural, because that means no profit.

Just ponder on that before you read on.

I learned how to induce a lucid dream – not only for the novelty factor, but lucid dreaming can also be used as a spiritual path – that’s if you wanted to try all aspects of this spirituality.. I learned how to balance out the polarity of my chakras (my seven energy centres), and that an imbalance in my chakra system can lead to illness and disease. Yoga made it more clear to me than ever before that we are blissful, perfect beings, who shouldn’t base our lives around gossip, other people’s lives and using material possessions to bring happiness, and should instead dedicate our lives to being kind, HONEST, selfless, non violent, and compassionate beings. We can harness the power of the universe by channeling its energy in the right way, to bring in positive energy, and expel negative energy. I learned about diet in a whole new light.

We all equally deserve to be happy – we were born for a reason, to have a purpose – and we need to remember that we don’t need to suffer in order to truly appreciate happiness, because we are so perfect and at one with the universe, and we can harness the energy out there for the greater good, and live peaceful lives. Even if your ultimate goal isn’t enlightenment, it’s a great life path. For the benefit of all aspects of your life, even the relationships you have, and the friends you make. Its a whole new opportunity to change yourself for the better, and to walk the path you were destined to walk before technology, chemicals and the media ruled today’s world.

‘If we are peaceful, if we are happy, we can smile and blossom like a flower, and everyone in our family, in our entire society, will benefit from our peace.’ – Thich Nhat Hanh