Back in Bangkok

by sarahthevagabond


After an amazing month of personal insight, we were back in crazy, smelly, bustling, noisy – but also interesting and entertaining – Bangkok. To be honest, we wanted to get back there so bad, but once we got there, all the beneficial energy we had built up with hours of yoga and meditation was bombarded by the abundance of other anxious energies being emitted from the large amount of people – everywhere. We felt as though the city was too big for our humble selves and wanted to get out of there immediately! But, to add to this anxiety, we had already begun applying for job positions back in Koh Phangan, and we were having no luck after agreeing to come along for an interview, only to receive a call when we arrived that the positions were filled. Plus – we were now casually spending our hard earned savings on the waiting period between finding a job and actually working – the anxiety of not knowing how long we would have to dig out of our savings for.
This time involved a lot of eating away our feelings, and trying to feel at home by skyping friends and family. At one point, we even felt like home sounded a lot nicer than a cheap hotel room in Bangkok.

BUT – I’ve learned from that experience to sit back, relax, and let time do everything. I’m now a very patient person, and I feel like that is a very valuable personal trait to have – especially while traveling.