by sarahthevagabond


My first lunar eclipse! It was a lot longer than I thought it would be. It was brought to our attention by a friend who we were staying with, a friend who had stayed in Bangkok since our TEFL course and had attained a job easily. Nicely enough though, he invited us to stay at his apartment until we found a job – and for that we were extremely grateful.

I took the eclipse as a sign to stop and be grateful that we were traveling the world, and to remember that not everyone can experience something like this. We are so lucky to have money to travel, let alone have money at all. We had been feeling really sorry for ourselves, and a phenomenon like this helped me to stop and put things in perspective.. That even though we have our small lives here on earth, with our small minded problems, the universe is still moving out there, bigger and better things are happening which are more important.

Funnily enough, the next day we got a phone call. It was our soon to be boss asking us to come in for an interview – together. It’s rare to get a teaching gig as a couple, but employers see couples as more reliable employees, it’s just a matter of having the right positions open.

The interview didn’t consist of much selling ourselves, rather than being sold the positions. The school term had already started – but had already been delayed because of the flooding – and they needed teachers immediately. We had originally wanted to teach in Bangkok, but after our stressful transition back into bustling society, we weren’t all the keen for the big city anymore.
Luckily, the jobs that were available we’re in a small town called Sam Phran, at a school called Nakprasith – an hour outside Bangkok.

“Can you start tomorrow?” – Our stress was over.