Nakprasith School

by sarahthevagabond


Nakprasith is basically the biggest school in Sam Phran. 6000 students attend this school, and the students range from Kindergarten (4 years) to Highschool (17/18 years). It is a partially government funded school, brought into fruition by the local Monks. Nakprasith started off as a small house teaching a small sum of students – to a huge school which some children travel very far to come to.

The English program is broad – 17 foreign teachers work here with their own assistant Thai teacher, and the school also provides lessons in Chinese. Our teaching gig is excellent – we have lesson plans provided. Uniforms provided. Lessons go for 1 hour and we each do around 20-25 lessons per week. Days start at 8 and finish at 3.30pm. Basically, it’s really easy and fun, the kids are really respectful, but once they get used to you they’re a little naughty! They know it’s all fun and games when it comes to English lessons. Nothing like what you would experience back home though. Here in Thailand, they still use the cane, so if you’re naughty, you know what you’re going to get. I don’t agree with this, but it seems to work. That’s all I’m going to say.

Free lunches everyday – they’re mostly always delicious. And everywhere I go I hear ‘Teacher Sarahhhhhhh!’ and see small children running in my direction. Last semester I taught Primary 1-4, and this semester I have only Kindergarten-Primary 2.

I prefer older primary, I work better with them. Kindies are a lot of work and require your undivided energy and attention. Not my style. I’m more relaxed and prefer to interact with the children on a more difficult level. Kindergarten is very mind numbing, but I still enjoy it a lot – my students are adorable and are so smart!