A New Turn

by sarahthevagabond

I am going to have to cut Thailand short, as I have been extremely lazy with my updates. I will be filling you in on the rest of Thailand when I have finished updating everything else that has been happening recently!

So, with a life changing month of yoga, came an entire change in my lifestyle. I began dreaming of going to India and learning from the masters about bending and stretching my body in a way that manipulates energy from the earth and the universe in order to purify my mind, body and spirit for a better quality of life, and maybe even true realization of my higher self and my connection with god and every other sentient being.

I feel as though Thailand was an amazing life experience for me, but to be 100% truly honest with myself, even though I made many friends and learned a lot of lessons about myself, life and others.. I didn’t feel a great connection with the country, and I’ve only just realized this now that I’ve actually packed up my bags and left for India, a place I never originally wanted to visit, that this is definitely a place full of vibrant and uplifting energy, a place I feel a true connection with. I know that it may have been different for me living in Thailand as opposed to just visiting as a tourist, and my opinion is biased, because I experienced something completely different to what I originally expected.

Now that I’ve planted my feet on Indian soil, my entire being has been struck with an intense transformational vibration, my consciousness has begun rising, and my heart is opening more and more as every day passes. This place, India, it has such a sacred energy that would change anyone whether they let it or not. This is a real place, with real people, real colours, real energy. It feels so pure even though I walk down the street and am hassled by people just trying to earn a buck. There is no suppressed anger or resentment, just understanding. Just love and friendship.

Who am I going to be when I move along, on to my next destination? I already feel so wise, is it even possible to expand my knowledge into something more?