The Taj Mahal

by sarahthevagabond

It’s one of those things you just have to see.
Ever since I can remember, the Taj Mahal has had a WOW factor for me (in pictures), and when I’ve asked people about it, no one has ever said they regretted seeing it – then comes the day we finally get to see it…

I can’t describe it’s beauty, it was just breath-taking. Arriving at Agra Fort train station at 5am after opening my third class train window and watching India wake up just as the sun was coming up was one thing I’ll never forget. To ruin the intense excitement, when we got to the taxi and found out we couldn’t take our bags with us (we were moving on after breakfast on a semi-tight schedule), we had to sort out what we were going to do with them. So, after driving to a hotel where we could put our bags as long as we had breakfast there and stopping along the way when the taxi driver pointed out the Taj in the distance, the pink sky enveloping its greatness; everything worked out pretty well, we were restless with anticipation.


The walk was nice in the crisp, dawn air, we saw some wild monkeys for the first time, and were flabbergasted when we saw the signs over the 2 separate windows – a whopping 750 Rupees (around $14) entrance fee for foreigners in comparison a mere 20 for Indians, which we honestly didn’t care about, but had a chuckle about the discrimination… It was all soon forgotten when we could see its white walls through the walkway of a large temple in front.


I won’t go on with aesthetics; I will leave it up to you, to experience it for yourself. No words can describe my experience there, it will never be forgotten.