Jaipur, the pink city

by sarahthevagabond

ImageWe arrived in Jaipur after a long sweaty trip through the country on an old ricketty bus. As usual, taxi drivers hassled us as soon as we got off the bus. I said “Let’s find a hotel when we get there”, but when we arrived, I stopped to question what made me think that was a good idea in India. We eventually found a good hotel with hot water and internet for around $7. A little on the expensive side (yes, really), but we wanted some luxury after dealing with our Kolkata hotel. 

Our taxi driver was actually a lovely, honest man and offered us a great price for a tour of the city in his taxi the next day. We were still with the Chilean girls, so we split the price and orgainised all the places we wanted to visit. 

ImageThe next day, off we went. We stopped to get some of Jaipur’s best lassi – a drink made from yoghurt. Absolutely delicious, I never tasted better lassi in my entire time in India. First stop was Jantar Mantar, the astronomical observatory. Really inetresting, however, we didn’t get a guided tour so it was a little hard to figure out what each instrument did, even with the descriptions.

ImageThe photo above is the site’s massive sun dile.

Next stop was the Hawa Mahal – we didn’t actually go inside, we just walked around the street and looked at everything. The streets were filled with auto-rickshaws, cars, taxis, animals, food, flowers, dyes, you name it.. It was all there. 

ImageNext, we went to see the monkey gorge. However, after walking to the top of the massive hill, we realised that it was an incredibly long walk down into the gorge and we wouldn’t have time to see Amber Fort, so we took some photos, fed the many monkeys and moved on.

ImageImageAmber Fort was last on our places to see, and on the way there and back, we saw the floating palace from the car. The Fort was incredible, really big and a little confusing. We walked around inside for about an hour, looking at the incredible art and views around the place. It had such an awesome feel to it, like we were being whipped back in time to when there was kings and knights. The sun was beginning to set over the Fort, and we were completely exhausted – but the night ended on a completely different note to what I originally expected. 

ImageWe had the opportunity to see a real guru on our way back to the hotel. I was first in, and felt an very intense vibe in the room. The man held my hand and told me things no one else knew about my life. About things I had even forgotten about. Before I left for India, I had been looking at campuses to study a degree in Naturopathy when I get home. He completely changed my life, telling me I was born to be a healer and that I could go very far spiritually. I’ve never been more sure of something in my life.