About Us

Indie Travel Manifesto

I am Sarah.

I’m ebullient and full of perspicacity.
The only thing I’ve ever dreamed about was being somewhere else. Somewhere distant, somewhere different and full of rich culture and things unknown to me. Full of new music, food, languages, ideas, history.
Travel is the one thing I have been certain of in my life. It is the thing that makes sense to me, something that would aid me in becoming wise, compassionate, empathetic, and full of passion and love.
I never want to cease learning. Knowledge is my only passion other than travel. I don’t have a specific passion. I just want to learn, and grow, and learn some more. I want understanding.

So I’ve packed my life away in boxes, I’ve said my goodbyes, and it’s never been more apparent to me that this is what I want.
By my side, is my best friend and life partner, who also shares my two passions, and who is also restless to keep moving, exploring, learning and understanding.
We are aware of what we are leaving behind, but we are also aware of what we will gain. A lifetime of fond memories, experience, and lessons learned about ourselves and others.