I'm A Wanderer

This is our adventure, trying to find ourselves in the chaos and complexity of life and the world we live in.

In Thailand, its extremely easy to buy fireworks and let them off on the beach. (Actually, it’s easy to do basically anything you wouldn’t normally be able to do in your home country). We bought a tonne of them and went crazy. So much fun! Obviously, you have to be extremely careful when handling and lighting them.


This is the gro…

Koh Samui = No Shirts
This is the fun loving and genuine group of males we shared our holiday with (including Tristan). Let the fun begin! This is our first day reunited.

Half Way

So, it has been around 6 months since we have been overseas, and we haven’t seen our friends in too long! 6 months has changed us so much as people. We have met so many new friends, have done so many things that most people we know may not even do in their whole lifetime, and we have even changed our entire round the world itinerary (but that is always going to be constantly changing – we really enjoy travel planning).

It’s coming up to school holiday time, and the kids here get a whopping 2 months of holidays! So the deal with teachers is: you choose your holiday time, and if you’re not away the whole two months, you do holiday English camps – Therefore babysitting small children whose parents have made them study on their break.

So, the boys (being Tristan’s male friends) have decided to come and enjoy Thailand with us, we have decided to do Koh Samui, Koh Phangan (and it’s Full Moon Party) and Koh Tao – ie. the party trail. Very different to what we have been experiencing for the last 6 months, and what also makes it very apparent to me that travelers who do follow the party trail, haven’t actually seen the ‘real’ Thailand. Looking forward to showing our friends what they have missed out on during their previous trips to the ‘land of smiles’.

After this awesome 2 weeks, we will be leaving the boys, and heading up to Northern Thailand to see Chiang Mai and Pai to wind down and relax, and enjoy our favorite things together – exploring, learning and good food!

One thing you’ll notice about Thailand once you get to know the locals.. They LOVE their whiskey, and they are always drinking it! I never used to like beer, but I’ve grown to enjoy it, especially because it’s the cheapest form of alcohol at a mere $1.30 per long neck! This is the main river in Sam Phran, it’s nice to come and sit here in the afternoons and watch life go by.

This is what school lunch looks like on a Friday. It’s always self serve noodle soup, and desserts are always creamy and containing coconut. I’ve fallen in love with coconut living in Thailand!

This is our trusty motorcycle – we bought it second hand for very cheap – and it runs very well! Another great thing about living outside Bangkok, is the opportunity to drive around and explore. The traffic isn’t anywhere near as crazy as the big city, and it is nice to go and drive out into farm land and check out agriculture life in Asia!

The ‘wai’.